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Court Security

Court Rule mandates the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office operate the metal detector and enhance courthouse security on certain days at the Courthouse. 

People wishing to access the Courthouse are not permitted to carry any types of weapons, including pocket knives, fixed blade knives, other edged weapons, chemical sprays, blunt force weapons and/or electrical weapon, or any firearm. 

Persons entering the courthouse must agree to be checked for weapons and permit the inspection of any items or possessions.  Handbags and packages are not permitted inside the courtroom.  Cell phones must be turned off inside the courtroom.

We do not permit visitation or contact with detainees in the Courtrooms.  Understand you are welcome to approach our staff to ask a question, but their mandated priority is the safety of the Judge and the overall Courtroom while also guarding detainees. 

 Your cooperation is very much appreciated.


Only Law Enforcement Personnel

are permitted to carry weapons in the Pickens County Courthouse.