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Monthly Citizen Safety Tip


Sheriff Todd Hall announces a family safety tip for May 2022.

A recent safety concern event took place at Walmart in Columbus Mississippi. 

A father was shopping with his 10 year old daughter.  They were approached by an unknown man who initiated a conversation on the pretext of religion.  The conversation content did not get into religion right away but the man kept moving around and put himself in a position between the father and his daughter.  The man made no other overt move and his conversation was not threatening, however, the conversation was unusual from the very first word.  The father was alarmed and was able to move away making sure his daughter was in front of him as they moved to another area of the store.

It is unclear what intent this man had when approaching the father and daughter but the situation was not normal and mannerisms made the father come alert and move away.

Sheriff Hall reminds everyone to be aware of their surroundings and when children are with you please make sure to be between them and any possible danger.  If you feel threatened or are otherwise alarmed, don't hesitate to call help and be sure to make your way to a well lighted area with other people around.  Should an unknown and unwelcome person begin an unsolicited conversation with you, be as polite as possible but make pardon and move away.


Pickens County Sheriff's Office

188 Cemetery Street

Carrollton  Alabama 35447