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Pickens County Sheriff's Office Seasonal Home Security Tips


Sheriff Todd Hall reports that the Sheriff's Office has received several tips from concerned citizens recently about stolen property.  This information has provided Deputies the information needed to recover stolen items.

The Sheriff's Office will be following up on the information and hopefully suspects can be identified and arrested.

As always Sheriff Hall encourages citizens to continue contacting the Sheriff's Office with information on criminal activity.


Thefts increase this time of year and we would like to give Citizens a few tips on possible ways to add to their safety and security:

Lock your doors, this includes your homes, shops and cars.

Leave lights on, as this provide the impression that someone is home.

Invest in security cameras.

If you see unusual activity please contact your local Law Enforcement.


These are just a few tips for more information please contact the Pickens County Sheriff's Office.


Pickens County Sheriff's Office

188 Cemetery Street

Carrollton  Alabama 35447