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Aliceville Elementary School First Responder Event


Pickens County Sheriff's Office Press Release


Sheriff Todd Hall announces a

First Responder Community Event.


Thursday, October 21st, 1st responders from all over Pickens County came together to demonstrate how community helpers work to keep our County safe.

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Officer Derrick Jones of Aliceville Police Department worked very hard over the past 2 years to put this program together and has reached out to the various agencies to give the children at Aliceville Elementary a chance to meet and ask questions about Public Servants.

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Every student received a Fireman's hat and other goodies from the participating agencies.

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Aliceville Police Department, Carrollton Police Department, Aliceville Fire and Rescue, Pickens County Coroner Office, Pickens County Ambulance Service and the Pickens County Sheriff's Office all had a great time demonstrating emergency equipment and educating the children about emergency responders activities in our community.


Pickens County Sheriff's Office

188 Cemetery Street

Carrollton  Alabama 35447