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Ethelsville Arrests


Pickens County Sheriff's Office Press Release


Sheriff Todd Hall reported today that the following individuals were arrested for charges ranging from Forgery, Illegal Drug Activity and Receiving Stolen Property.

Samuel Varner, Stephen Knight and Daniel Gordey all of Columbus, Mississippi were all arrested on the scene.

On June 25th, 2021 Pickens County Sheriff's Office Deputies responded to a report of suspicious activity in the Ethelsville area.  Investigation led Deputies to the arrest of three suspects and the seizure of two vehicles that had been used in the commission of felony crimes.  Deputies were able to recover stolen property that had been taken from mailboxes in Mississippi.

Sheriff Hall encourages all citizens to report any suspicious activity and to safe guard your valuables by locking your doors and being observant of your surroundings.

If your Sheriff's Office can assist you or you have any questions please call us.


Pickens County Sheriff's Office

188 Cemetery Street

Carrollton  Alabama 35447